Personal Training

A full body assessment, movement assessment and SMART goal setting. Receive personalised workout plans to improve your strengths, weaknesses and aesthetics. Your progress will be monitored on a regular basis to optimise your training. Working with a level 4 personal trainer will ensure you are not prone to injury while exercising.

How many days a week will I need to workout to achieve my goals?

How many days per week that you train will depend entirely on your daily routine, flexibility, current health and your goals. Reaching specific goals may take longer if you are training 2-3 days a week, rather than training 4-5 days a week, where you may see quicker results.

What specific type of training will I need to meet my goals?

The type of training you will need depends on what goals you would like to achieve. Eg. if you wanted to build muscle mass you would likely be put on a programme with weights as opposed to cardiovascular training.

Will I need to diet if I have a personal trainer?

Diet plays a huge role in your training routine. If your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, diet will play a part in your new training regime.

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